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My dad, William Jacob “Bill” Brunette, used to talk about knowing Tex Owens and his family. They ultimately left Nashville and Hollywood. In later life, they lived across the highway from the Camp Creek Store. 

Aunt Charlene Bush used to tell me that “Laura Lee McBride worked in the Robertson County Tax Assessor’s office.” She travelled with Bob Wills & the Texas Playboys. What was left of Bob Wills’ band performed at Laura Lee’s Franklin funeral. So, who were these folks who are buried at the Franklin Cemetery?

Tex Owens was a country-western actor (played in some early John Wayne westerns), radio personality, and songwriter. He is buried at the Franklin Cemetery alongside his daughter, Laura Lee McBride, who was known as the “Queen of Western Swing”, and his sister, Texas Ruby, who was known as “the Original Yodeling Cowgirl”. 

Laura Lee later recorded with her husband, Dickie L. McBride. Texas Ruby performed with her husband, Curly Fox. All but Curly Fox are buried in Franklin Cemetery.

Tex’s most famous song was “Cattle Call.” Listen to it by clicking below:*1T*FHPgHukVcMa9sYtf8P1e38*cie4zSMTYjyLedwXf4x&PC=HCTS 

Eddie Arnold also had a hit with the song. It is here:*jtf&PC=HCTS 

Emmylou Harris also recorded this song. Here it is:!QRLOP53Ba4cb9wpzvUhW0XXc5alBLBt3fRcMpdYYXCLXhR7IY4qQ7iApv82EZUjz7kbf2D0Wm77QUVDQSdTKyYdhC6&PC=HCTS&ru=%2fsearch%3fq%3dcattle%2bcall%2bby%2bemmylou%2bharris%2bon%2byoutube%26form%3dEDGEAR%26qs%3dRI%26cvid%3d6468420afb1240cbbbc83a49abb828b5%26cc%3dUS%26setlang%3den-US%26elv%3dAXK1c4IvZoNqPoPnS%2521QRLOP53Ba4cb9wpzvUhW0XXc5alBLBt3fRcMpdYYXCLXhR7IY4qQ7iApv82EZUjz7kbf2D0Wm77QUVDQSdTKyYdhC6%26PC%3dHCTS&view=detail&mmscn=vwrc&mid=AA9ED3766B6FBA282524AA9ED3766B6FBA282524&FORM=WRVORC 

LeeAnn Rimes and Eddie Arnold re-recorded “Cattle Call” as a duet in later years. Here is their version: .

Laura Lee McBride’s most famous song was “Betcha My Heart I Love You.” Here are her, Bob Wills, and the Texas Playboys singing it:

Another one of Laura Lee's recorded songs was "How Foolish Can Women Be". Here it is:

Laura Lee later married Dickie McBride. These two also performed together. Take a listen to "Waitin Just For You" by them and a band called 'The Ranch Hands".

For more information, check out “Cattle Call” on Wikipedia. Imagine, some country-western royalty buried in our midst.